Restol Application


How to apply Restol™ Wood Oil

Restol™ Wood Oil is applied in three simple steps. The following step-by-step plan and associated tips will help you get the best results from Restol™ Wood Oil.

Great results in three steps

stap-1-300x210.jpg1.Preparation Ensure that the surface is not flaky and that it is dry and free of dust.
We recommend you use a (wire) brush for this.

stap-2-300x210.jpg 2. Application

Apply Restol™ Wood Oil using a flat brush, roller or by spraying. For the best results, apply Restol™ Wood Oil along the length of the wood. It is best to use a spray gun or roller for large areas. The same rule applies: apply Restol™ Wood Oil along the length of the wood.

stap-3-300x210.jpg 3. Apply a second coat

Two coats of Restol™ Wood Oil provides adequate protection. For a brighter colour, give the wood a third coat. Two coats of Restol™ Wood Oil is sufficient for impregnated wood. We recommend three coats of Restol™ Wood Oil for all other wood.

Additional information

schuren-300x210.jpg No need to sand the wood. If an extra smooth finish is wanted, you can give the surface a light sanding.
This can be achieved using a scourer pad, for example.

tip-300x210.jpgStir Restol™ Wood Oil well.
Over time the pigment in Restol™ Wood Oil will settle to the bottom of the can. It is therefore important to stir well, right to the bottom. Just shaking the tin is not enough. 30 seconds of vigorous stirring is sufficient in most cases.