Application Guide

Application Guide

Protek Wet Weather WarningBefore applying any of Protek’s products please read and follow the instructions below.


• Some timber products will be made from pressure-treated timber, meaning that it will already have been treated with a preservative product. You will need to allow this coating to weather before applying our products so that this coating doesn’t block ours from penetrating the timber, thus inhibiting and adversely affecting product performance. Check your manufacturers advice on weathering as it will depend on the treatment used and weathering time can vary greatly according to weather conditions (for instance it will be a lot quicker in hot, dry weather than in cool, damp). If pressure-treated with a preservative, your wood will be protected against rot and fungi so you will just need to water-proof it with one of our attractive protective coatings. 

• If your timber product has not been pre-treated you may choose to apply Protek Wood Preserver first. 

• To get the best possible results you should remove any previous coatings by sanding back to the bare wood. This will allow the product to fully penetrate the wood enabling it to work to its optimum performance and last longer. If you don’t have the time to do this our products will overpaint previous treatments and coatings as long as they are fully weathered, but won’t perform to their best or last as long as they could before re-application is needed. 

• Fill deep knots with a water-based wood filler and sand prior to application. Spirit-based fillers and knotting agents are not ideally suited. 

• If applying to bare timber a knotting agent or stain blocking primer should be applied prior to applying any of our products and especially light shades. This will stop resin bleeding through from the knots and staining the coating. 

• Clean weathered and dirty wood using water, household detergent and a stiff brush. Make sure that any algae is thoroughly removed or it will inhibit cohesion. 

• Allow the wood to dry fully before applying a coat. Applying to wet timber will adversely affect the future performance of the product as the water content in the timber will block the product from penetrating properly, dilute the product and stop the product from drying, fixing and working properly.

• Remove all loose and flaky wood before application. 

• Some planed (finished) timber may require a light sanding before applying the first coat. 

• Stir product thoroughly before and during use. 

• In normal weather conditions, you should allow at least 4-6 hours drying time between coats. On a hot sunny day drying time will be a lot quicker than on a cool dry winter’s day. For Royal Superior Wood Finish and Decking Stain it is only necessary to leave each coat for a minimum of 2 hours before applying the next coat. After the first coat of Wood Protector, Royal or Decking Stain, further coats should be applied within 2-4 hours or if left longer, sand back lightly before applying the next coat. 

• When applying Royal Superior Wood Finish or Decking Stain to floorboards, a top coat of a breathable polyurethane sealant or varnish can be applied to protect against heavy foot traffic. 

• Allow at least 24-48 hours of drying time before you subject decking to foot traffic. 

• Allow at least 24-48 hours of drying time before you use your garden furniture. 

• Allow at least 24 hours of drying time before letting animals back in their housing if the internal walls have been coated. 

• SPRAYER ADVICE - DO NOT allow product to dry in the sprayer. Nozzles may block even if left for 5 minutes. Wash nozzle and pipe from sprayer immediately after use with warm water and detergent. Remove excess product and clean brush, roller or sprayer components with warm water and detergent. 


• DO NOT apply if wet weather is expected within 48 hours of application. These are water-based products and if they are not allowed to fully penetrate the timber and dry and fix, rain can dilute and wash the coating off. If you feel that you have to add some protection but wet weather is forecast within 48 hours, only apply 1 coat as it will stand more of a chance of drying properly, then apply the second coat when there is 48 hours of dry weather forecast.

• DO NOT apply to wet, damp or frozen wood. For best results apply to timber with a moisture coating under 18%. 

• DO NOT apply in temperatures less than 5oc as this will stop the product from drying and fixing.

• Storage - DO NOT allow the product to freeze. Store in a dry, cool location. If stored correctly the product should last 1 – 2 years. Stir thoroughly before use. 

• DO NOT contaminate ponds, waterways or ditches with the wood stain or the container used. 

• DO NOT allow splashes or drips to dry. Clean up with water and detergent immediately. 



The first coat you apply will soak in to the timber protecting, water-proofing and colouring the wood. The second coat will bond on top offering more protection and enhancing the colour. No need for a 3rd coat unless you want a more solid deeper look to the colour. Additional coats also increases the sheen and can turn a matt finish more glossy. The wood grain will still show through. 

Protek wood stains are water-based as opposed to other solvent-based products. Each of our wood stain ranges are certified for EN71-3 meaning the products are safe for use as a paint for children’s toys such as Play Houses. 

Although our products do filter UV they do not contain UV blockers so with Clear Tough Coat, Clear Royal and Clear Decking Stain although weathering by the sun is slowed, natural weathering will occur. The pigments in the coloured products will offer more UV protection with the darker colours lasting longest. 

Please note that although we try to get colour representation as accurate as possible, product colours will not be an exact match to colour charts. True colour will also depend on the colour and type of timber that it is painted on. The final colour will be different than that in the container once 2 coats are applied and dried.





This is a thin economy water-based wood stain that can be applied by brush, HVLP (high volume low pressure) sprayer or roller, although due to the thin consistency of this stain, a roller may be quite messy! After use clean brush, roller or sprayer components with warm water and detergent. The first coat will soak in to the timber and the second coat will enrich the colour as it bonds to the first. 



A water-based wood stain with a slightly thicker consistency than Shed & Fence. Suitable for application by brush, roller or HVLP sprayer. After use remove excess product and clean brush, roller or sprayer components with warm water and detergent. This is a 2 coat application with further coats enhancing the colour and solidity of the colour finish. 



Royal is a high-grade wood stain with a paint-like consistency that can be applied by brush or roller. Due to the thicker consistency domestic sprayers struggle and easily block up but the product can be applied beautifully when using a professional low pressure spray gun – not recommended for internal use. Two coat application with further coats increasing the solidity of and enhancing the colour. 



A thin water-based stain that can be applied by brush, roller or HVLP sprayer. After use remove excess product and clean brush, roller or sprayer components with warm water and detergent. Decking suffer the most punishment from foot traffic, exposure to the elements, dirt and build up of algae due to being horizontal. This makes it even more essential to properly prepare the deck before application, sanding back to bare wood and making sure that it is fully clean and dry. By not doing this you will affect the performance of the product adversely affecting the life span before re-application is required and could cause peeling and cracking of the coating. This product is a 2 coat application. 



Water-based wood stain with a fairly thin consistency that is easily applied by brush, roller or HVLP sprayer. After use remove excess product and clean brush, roller or sprayer components with warm water and detergent. For the first treatment it is recommended that 2 coats be applied with only one coat needed for future maintenance and re-treatment.



Wood surfaces must be clean and dry before treating. 

New wood:    No pre-treatment necessary 

Renovation:  All coatings should be completely removed. If necessary grey or deteriorated wood should be sanded down to a clean, sound surface. Wood should be frost-free when treated. 

Protek Wood Preserver is a ready-to-use product and does not need to be diluted. Apply by synthetic brush designed for water-borne products, spreading thinly and evenly. Requires 2 –3 coats depending on wood species and surface characteristics. Effective against wood destroying fungi and blue stain at 160ml/m2. Dries in 12 hours under normal conditions. Allow a minimum of 24 hours drying time under normal conditions before application of a top coat. 

NOT FOR INDOOR USE. Clean tools immediately after use with warm soap water; subsequently rinse with clear water or commercial brush cleaner. 



Store away from children and animals. 

Make sure your work area is well ventilated during application and drying. 

Protect your clothes and wash splashes off immediately. 

Wear synthetic rubber/PVC gloves and goggles when using Wood Preserver. 

Keep animals and people away from coated areas until surfaces are dry. 

If you get any of our products in your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and if necessary seek medical advice. 

Wash splashes from the skin with plenty of water and detergent. 

After use you should wash hands and exposed skin, especially before meals. 

Don’t drink any of our products. 


* Please refer to Information Sheet or labelling on tin for full instructions and precautions for all products and particularly Wood Preserver. 


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use 


NB; Stir well before and during use. Splashes and drips can only be cleaned away with detergent and water whilst still wet. To maintain protection and water-proofing retreat as necessary


Product Coverage Wood Stain

*Coverage applies to the first coat only and can vary according to the surface. A second coat will require a less amount. Before applying any products you must ensure that all surfaces to be coated are clean, dry and free of mud, ice and bark.