It has been some time since my building was last treated. What product would best waterproof my building?

Wood Protector and Safe & Natural are both designed to waterproof timber. Both will adhere to smooth and rough sawn timber surfaces but will require two coats. The first coat will soak into the timber and successive coats will build up the protection and sheen.

Can I paint Protek wood stains over old wood stains?

Yes you can paint over old treatments even if they were spirit based or creosote. The coating must be well weathered and the surface must be cleaned as much as possible.

I have new and old fencing of different shades. What do you recommend will protect my fencing and match up all the colours?

A dark wood stain like Safe & Natural Nut Brown will cover over almost all colours, I one coat doesn’t match up the colours then try a second coat. If you would like a lighter colour use Wood Protector as it has white pigments in it that will cover over darker colours. Both contain a fungicide that will help your fencing last.

Are Protek wood stains safe for animals?

Yes they are but you are advised to make sure that all surfaces are dry and allow a minimum of 24 hours before allowing animals near any treated surfaces.

How much do I need?

Coverage depends on surface porosity but you can expect to get between 8m2 and 12m2 per litre.

How many coats should I apply?

On rough sawn timber one coat is usually enough, unless you are treating a building in which case a second coat will improve the waterproofing. On smooth or planed surfaces it is generally better to apply two coats.

Can I spray Protek wood stains?

Yes you can. - All Protek wood stains are suitable for spraying. They are all water based too so if you find they are too thick for your sprayer try adding up to 10% water.

Are Protek wood stains waterproof coatings breathable?

Yes, Protek use acrylics and waxes that leave a microporous coating that allows timber to breathe.